Advantages When Students Use High Tech at School

As computer, Internet, and other technologies advance, they are playing a major role in our daily lives. They are now a part of our work lives and we use it at home for financial reasons, acquiring news stories, research and education, and communicating with friends and families. It is playing more of a significant role in our lives.

These high-tech tools are important for children to learn and use. Technology is a doorway to education and job skills. The necessity of learning and understanding emerging technologies has resulted in the need to offer it in schools.

The advantages of using high tech devices and learning in schools include:

1. Because of the internet, students now have an abundance of knowledge at their finger tips. It is no longer textbooks that teach children. The internet offers a host of knowledge resources to help children learn. The Internet also has an abundance of interactive programs that can be downloaded or used online that will help children improve their reading, language, math, science, and other course skills, There are games and exercises appropriate for any age. They can help assess a child's level of learning and understanding as well as identify any learning weaknesses. The high tech tools can also help with memory and hand/eye coordination.

2. There is also an increasingly more of a need for more high school graduates to major in high-technology related fields when they enter college. Many jobs now involve high tech tools. Preparing a child for a productive future will greatly improve the chances of them acquiring a rewarding and lucrative career

3. Students that learn about high-tech tools in a hands-on way will help them overcome any insecurity that they may have about advanced technology. It will show them that high tech is something to be embraced, not feared.

4. New high tech tools in such areas as science provides students with new ways of experimenting and observing in more detailed and graphic ways. For example, this will help improve their overall understanding because the students can remotely control microscopes at laboratories that may be thousands of miles away from the school and they can speak to experts in just about any field. The students will be more compelled to learn.

5. It can improve the skills needed for success on standardized tests. It helps with the development of critical and innovative thinking skills. They will learn not to regurgitate information, but to explain it in a more comprehensive way.

6. Studies have shown that technology-based learning environments have helped at-risk students overcome barriers and have contributed to increased success rates.

7. Technology enhances work projects through such processes as computer word processing, and creating charts, tables, and graphs. It will give them an insight into the work world.

Technology now touches almost every part of our lives, our communities, and our homes. Schools should take advantage of all that technology has to offer students in the areas of teaching and learning. High tech learning will help students acquire the skills they need to flourish in this highly technical knowledge-based economy.

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Lowongan Kerja Guru di PT Tiara Kreasi - Drawing Teacher

Lowongan Guru Menggambar di PT. Tiara Kreasi Jakarta - Indonesia
Job advertised: 10 Agustus 2009
Closing Date: 8 September 2009

Company Name : PT Tiara Kreasi
Industry :
Type of Company :
Private Limited Company, Local Based Company
Location :
Kompleks Puri Niaga II Jl. Puri Niaga Blok J-1 no 1-P Jakarta Barat 11610

*The company prefers to receive online application for speedier processing.

PT. Tiara Kreasi is the holder for a brand new concept of art education for children and young adults. The concept has been developed for over 20 years and has been successfully implemented worldwide. Our unique concept, technique and curriculum provide children with the ability to express themselves in an art work beyond their own self belief. If you love working with children and have a passion in working with children education industry then we'd love to have you in our team.

Drawing Teacher

(Jakarta Raya)

  • Female between the age of 20 – 35.
  • English speaking. The course will be delivered in English and thus it is an absolute necessity to have good command of spoken and written English.
  • Have a passion to interact with children between the ages of 3 - 15.
  • You need to have good drawing skill. Min D1 from any academic disciplines, an art related degree is advantages but not a must.
  • No working experience is needed, training will be provided.
  • You need to have an open mind to new way of teaching and willingness to follow the recommended guidelines.
  • Honest, discipline and trustworthy.
  • Willing to work in Puri Kencana area
  • Willing to work in full time basis
When there is a good match we’re pleased to provide the following benefits as for your compensation to join our team. 1. Attractive remuneration package. (Min 1.750.000) 2. A nice and conducive working environment. 3. Unique Art education training that is not available anywhere else If you fit the requirements, please submit the followings
  • Application Letter, Most Recent CV including a recent colour photograph and copy of ID.
  • 2 samples of your latest drawings. It can be on any mediums and colours. You may scan or post these drawings. In any case, you must bring the originals upon interview.
You can submit the documents by email to or by post to :

PT Tiara Kreasi
Puri Niaga II
Jl. Puri Kencana J-1 No 1 P

Jakarta Barat

(dibuka juga lowongan untuk "customer service", baca informasi selengkapnya!)

Resguardos en la seguridad industrial – Mantenimiento y uso

Resguardos en la seguridad industrial – Mantenimiento y uso

Mantenimiento de resguardos en la seguridad industrial

Es necesario la inspección periódica de los resguardos, para comprobar su estado, funcionamiento, ajuste o reglaje correctos y especialmente si se encuentran en su lugar. Cuando un resguardo no funciona bien, el operario prescindirá de él.

La revisión de los resguardos, debe incluirse en el programa de mantenimiento preventivo. Los resguardos cuyas dimensiones, carrera o ajuste sean importantes para su función protectora, se considerarán como instrumentos de precisión, por lo que se verificarán con más frecuencia.

Uso de resguardos en la seguridad industrial

Para que los resguardos y dispositivos de seguridad sean eficaces, el personal ha de saber trabajar con ellos y sobre todo saber respetarlos. Por ello antes de confiar a un productor el manejo de una máquina es necesario proporcionar la adecuada instrucción sobre la forma de manejarla.

How to find best Culinary Schools

The culinary arts demand perfection at all times. Culinary schools are places where you can get trained to cook. Cooking has become a serious career option today for many. Being one of the fastest growing sectors, with the wide range of job opportunities available, many culinary schools are cropping up to take advantage of the number of people willing to pursue cooking as a career. Besides, getting trained in the culinary arts also gives you an opportunity to start a business on your own.

Culinary Schools

Culinary schools teach the fine art of cooking. Cooking is no longer considered to be just simple cooking. It involves a lot of expertise and innovation. With the food industry growing at spectacular rates, there is a lot of demand for good cooks.

This is the reason most people are taking up the culinary arts as a serious career option. There are now hundreds of culinary schools that teach not just basic cooking but also specialties like pastry preparation, wine classes, knife skills, desserts, baking, holiday foods, healthy foods, regional cooking, style cooking, sauces, chocolates, safety and sanitation, cost management, food handling and identification, food and nutrition, special cuisines, and

Finding the right culinary school is also important. A lot of research goes into deciding on the right school. First determine your priorities for attending a culinary school- is it for gaining professional expertise, a hobby or a change of career? What is the specialty of the culinary school? Does it offer placement assistance and apprenticeships?

Executive culinary chefs who desire to work in fine-dining restaurants require years of training and experience through Culinary Schools, and generally have an intense ambition for cooking. Incomes for cooks and chefs vary considerably. Executive Culinary chefs with well-developed skills and expertise and can anticipate incomes over $60,000.

So whether your interest is in being a baker, a gourmet chef, a restaurant owner, a food writer, or some other field in the culinary arts, following the suggestions provided above should help you get the culinary arts degree that you really want.

The best culinary arts school will teach you much more than the basics. You'll learn the secrets of cooking great food as well as restaurant management, small business ownership, catering, and other specialized knowledge and cooking lore. At the best culinary schools, you can choose to specialize - perhaps you'd like to be a pastry chef, creating beautiful mouthwatering pastries for people to treat themselves, or a sous chef. You might want to be an expert in wines and beverages, or in French cuisine. It's up to you.

Read About Study Abroad and also read about Careers in call Centre and Hospitality and Tourism Career in USA.

Online market place for Teacher, Tutor, Classes, Coaching and students

As we all know there is no dearth of inspirational and expert teachers for whatever skill or subject we want to learn. They are very much out there near us. But it has been common experience that at times they are just hard to find. We simply look around and fail for the suggestion come through our acquaintances. It might be because, we don't have much option to explore and reach out to them.

On the other side of the face, Teachers, Instructors, Tutor, Coaches and everyday experts are always on the look out to market their Lessons and fill up their classes with those curious learners. We believe that everyone is expert in something or the other and everyone can teach. Whether they are full time art and craft teacher, musical instrument teacher, sports coach or chess champion. You know you have a skill to share with those curious learners. But where to find them? But how to address them?

So, it could be anybody's guess at what exactly is missing! Yes. It is very much a connecting path.

So, Here come the which connects Teachers, Tutors, and Instructors with local students. One can find here right teacher and tutor for any subject one wants to read, be it, Academic, Professional Courses, Computer/ Information Technology, Life , Home & hobby, Sports , Health & Recreation, Language , Music & Dance, or Creative and Performing Arts. The Teacher’s profile pages will tell you everything you need to know about your potential teacher.

You may also like to view their articles on a particular topic and ratings of your potential Teacher and can read all their latest feedback done by their past-and-present-students, testimonials and more! Which will help you make an informed decision in your potential Teacher search. A Complete career resources for students like Career options which helps you to explore your career options and choices , ask & answer module help you to post your career and study related queries and get it answered by expert etc.

Teachers use to market their inspirational teaching skills and lessons to student community all around. They are able to connect with more and more student in their area.

Author: Ambishri Education consultant

Resguardos en la seguridad industrial - Materiales para resguardos

Resguardos en la seguridad industrial - Materiales para resguardos

El material más conveniente para los resguardos en general, es el metal tanto para la estructura como para material de relleno. Los más comúnmente empleados son:

Para estructuras:

  • Ángulos de acero
  • Tubo de acero
  • Pletina de acero
  • Para material de relleno
  • Tela de alambre
  • Metal desplegado
  • Metal perforado
  • Planchas o láminas de metal
  • Tiras cruzadas de metal o madera
  • Tiras sin cruzar de madera, metal, etc.
  • Láminas de plásticos
  • Vidrio irrompible o inastillable

Los materiales transparentes son adecuados cuando se precisa pantalla continua y la visibilidad de la zona a proteger.

Online Teaching Jobs

By doing a simple search you will come up with so many online teaching jobs it will amaze you and the different universities and colleges offering online teaching jobs or needing these positions filled.

You can also get information about online teaching jobs as well. There are several types of online teaching jobs too. Different areas need different types and so the online teaching jobs keep growing for those who want them.

There are some qualifications that are required as far as online teaching goes however, just what depends on, which college or university you are going through or if it is simply an independent learning facility offering online teaching jobs.

The earnings of online teaching jobs as far as the websites I have seen haven't listed on any websites so as far as online teaching jobs and what the pay rate is, I really couldn't say. However, there are definitely positions available and you can email the web sites for more information.

One thing about online teaching jobs in some cases you are allowed to stay home, as long as you keep up with the college curriculum or the course you are teaching online.

Online teaching jobs vary and there are circumstances where the college that actually hires you is in fact in another state, however this can still be done as online teaching jobs usually do not require an interview but a certificate showing you are a teacher and a resume faxed to the college you plan on filling the position for the online teaching job, as well as the online course itself. Although it is better to do online teaching jobs in your area, at colleges near you if they are available, or through those that are affiliated, with a college near you.

Online teaching jobs by next year, probably won't be quite as a necessity as they are right now, however as of the here and now online teaching jobs are in demand.

Another thing to consider is online teaching jobs that refer to other areas of interest such as real estate and advertising, or online teaching jobs for other things.

For example, there was one web site listed that offered online teaching jobs to be for aerobics instructors after training and with the use of virtual technology.

So, there are in fact many types of online teaching jobs as well. Some colleges offer to teach people to become teachers and then in time, their obligation will stay with the college and they will obtain online teaching jobs after that.

This works in a form of apprentice or internship through the college and affiliated with online teaching jobs as well. In rare cases it may not turn out that way but not very often.

A better way to explain this I suppose as far as some online teaching jobs would be like a trucking company paying the truck driver to learn how to drive a truck and once he or she has passed the course, they agree to work for the company. It is somewhat along the same lines with online teaching jobs with some colleges.

About the author:
Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more info on online teaching jobs checkout his website:

Why Become a Teacher? 10 Good Reasons to Consider a Tutoring or Teaching Job

There are many tutoring jobs available online, from institutions like ILEX and the Open University to private companies like Academic Knowledge. So why be a tutor?

Here are my top 10 reasons for considering this type of work.

1. Student Potential

Unfortunately, not every student that you try to help will succeed. However, this fact should not keep you from believing that every student has the potential for success. This potential is so exciting - each new year presents new challenges and new potential successes.

2. Student Successes

Closely related to the previous reason, student success is what drives teachers to continue. Each student who didn't understand a concept and then goes on to learn it with your help will give you an exhilarating feeling. And when you actually reach that student that others have written off as being unteachable, this can truly be worth all the headaches that do come with the job. Imagine how good the feeling is when you know that just one - a single one - student has achieved something because of you. Now multiply this by the number of students you are likely to serve each year. That's one amazing feel good factor!

3. Teaching a Subject Helps You Learn a Subject

You will never learn a topic better than when you start teaching it. When you're at University, you'll think you've crammed in just about everything you could possibly need to know about your area of expertise. But as a teacher, you'll find that student questions just make you dig deeper and learn more.

4. Daily Humour

If you have a positive attitude and a sense of humour, you will find things to laugh about each day. Sometimes it will be silly jokes you will make up as you teach that might get a laugh from your students. Sometimes it will be jokes that kids share with you. And sometimes students will come out with the funniest statements without realizing what they've said. Find the fun and enjoy it!

5. Affecting the Future

Yes it might be trite, but it is true. Teachers mould the future each day in class. In fact, it is a sad fact that you will see some of these students more consistently day-to-day than their parents will.

6. Staying Younger

Being around young people everyday will help you remain knowledgeable about current trends and ideas in your area of expertise. It also helps break down barriers.

7. Autonomy in the Classroom

Once a teacher closes that door each day and begins teaching, they really are the ones who decide what's going to happen. Not many jobs provide an individual with so much room to be creative and autonomous each day.

8. Conducive to Family Life

If you have children, working as a teacher will typically allow you to have the same days off as your kids. Further, while you might bring work home with you to grade, you will probably be getting home close to the same time as your children.Even better, if you use your skills as a freelancer for a company like Academic Knowledge, you'll be able to fit your work completely around your existing commitments. So teaching work can be as flexible as you like - even 100% flexible if that's how you want it to be.

9. Job Security

In many communities, teachers are a scarce commodity. It is fairly certain that you will be able to find a job as a teacher, though you might have to wait until the start of a new school year and be willing to travel within your county/school district. While requirements might be different from place to place, once you have proven yourself a successful teacher, it is relatively easy to move around and find a new job. If you're short of experience, tutoring for a company like Academic Knowledge may give you just the break you need.

10. Summers Off

Unless you work in a district that has a year-round-education system, you will have a couple of months off in the summer where you can choose to get another job, teach summer school, or just relax and vacation. Further, you typically get two weeks off during Christmas/Winter Holidays and one week for Spring Break which can really be a huge benefit and provide much needed rest time. Of course, if you're tutoring on a freelance basis, you can take off whichever weeks suit you best.

About the author:
I am a F.ILEX (Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives) specialising in property law, civil litigation and company law.I hold an LL.B with first class honours as well as qualifications in criminology and philosophy. I acquired over six years of experience working in private practice in the Midlands, dealing with both English and American law. Prior to qualifying as a Fellow, I worked in various positions and gained a variety of experience in different business sectors. I have also provided support as an Associate Lecturer on the Open University LL.B course. I now work for a private company in Nottinghamshire, although I still have a current practising certificate. I have written over 130 research papers in various areas of law over the past three years. If you are looking for similar freelance research work (writer jobs),

click here to apply:

Teacher Jobs - Effective Teaching Online

Whether you’re looking for math teacher jobs, music teacher jobs, English teacher jobs – in fact any kind of teaching job – you’ll have some idea of how you like to teach and what works best, in your experience.

If you want to make a go of an teaching job that depends on online delivery, you’ll need to plan accordingly, bearing in mind how the teaching medium and how different subjects make different demands on teachers and students alike.

Online Teaching Jobs: Some Basics

There are some fundamentals for being effective in an online teaching job. The first is a reliable internet connection. You need to be available and a connection that cuts out mid-class won’t do. You’ll need broadband so that you can use video, audio and interactive technologies, unless your teaching is by email only.

If you want an online teaching job you need a degree of computer literacy as well as teaching skills. If you work through a tutoring site, ideally they will provide software and some technical support. The rest is up to you and the success of your teaching job will depend on your expertise and willingness to embrace possibilities.

You will need to adapt your teaching style in an online teaching job. In face-to-face teaching it’s relatively easy to connect with students. Online teaching jobs often require you to make more effort to build that rapport. Real-time interactions facilitate this. Webcams and video links enhance your communication. This can be especially important if your teaching job includes providing special needs education.

Online teaching jobs potentially allow you to reach students anywhere in the world. Consider how your preferred teaching methods translate cross-culturally. If you favor collaborative and project-based learning and your student expects an approach that is strongly instructor-led, someone is going to have to adapt.

Decide what category of student suits you when designing your own teaching job. If you feel most comfortable teaching a particular curriculum, or prefer first-language English speakers only, make sure you choose students who are right for you.

Special Considerations For Teaching Jobs in Different Subjects

Whether you plan to specialize in math teacher jobs or music teacher jobs, you’ll need to explore the possibilities carefully. For some online teaching jobs you might manage with audio and email. Some teacher jobs, and subjects with a practical component, may demand more reliance on video.

Language teaching jobs, IT education, history, business education and a host of other subjects where words and ideas are paramount typically require less video interaction, but video is still a useful tool that you shouldn’t neglect just because you can get by without it.

Math teaching jobs, science education and music teaching jobs may require you to become well-versed in using video links. In some cases you may need to set up a suitable space in your home. Demonstrating science experiments on your kitchen table may not look terribly professional!

When seeking teaching jobs, where you will be delivering online, you will initially have to think through the potential problems as well as the many new possibilities that Online Teaching Jobs offer educators and learners.

about the author:
Tutoring Services publishes articles & videos to help the students of schools, colleges & universities to find resources online & offile.

Mandos de seguridad y alimentadores automáticos II

Mandos de seguridad y alimentadores automáticos II

Mandos de seguridad (continuación)

Palancas de mando protegidas con:

  • Dispositivos de bloqueo.
  • Pantallas protectoras.
  • Las agrupaciones de mandos constituyen dispositivos de seguridad, tales como:
  • Doble pulsador manual de accionamiento.
  • Pulsador de paro.
  • Pulsador o pedal de hombre muerto.
  • Los pulsadores de paro de emergencia serán diseñados de forma que se puedan accionar con facilidad desde cualquier posición. Serán pues, de gran tamaño, salientes de la carcasa y de color rojo.
  • En máquinas con puesto de trabajo amplio el mando de paro debe ser corrido a lo largo de la máquina (freno de pie en tornos, etc.)

Alimentadores automáticos o semiautomáticos

Es un dispositivo de avance o alimentador que no necesita los servicios del operario, excepto para cargar el dispositivo alimentador. Elimina la necesidad de que el operario introduzca las manos en la zona de peligro.

Mandos de seguridad y alimentadores automáticos I

Mandos de seguridad y alimentadores automáticos I

Mandos de seguridad

  • Su función primordial es el accionamiento de la máquina. Como órgano de seguridad, solo lo es de forma pasiva.
  • Su misión de seguridad consiste y está debe ser su condición indispensable, en que el arranque o puesta en funcionamiento de una máquina no debe ser posible más que por un acto conciente y voluntario del hombre.
  • Ha de ser imposible el arranque de la maquina por causas accidentales.
  • Por ello los mandos deben estar protegidos contra esas acciones. Las soluciones más corrientes son:

Mandos a pedal:

  • Dimensiones mínimas posibles, compatibles con ancho de pie.
  • Capuchón protector.

Mandos manuales eléctricos o neumáticos:

  • Dimensiones reducidas.
  • Embutidos, empotrados y que no sobresalgan de la carcasa.
  • Posibilidad única de accionamiento con la punta del dedo.

Dispositivos de seguridad automáticos

Dispositivos de seguridad automáticos

Son dispositivos de muy diferentes características según sus aplicaciones específicas, destinados a evitar el contacto del hombre con la parte peligrosa de la máquina, o a detener la marcha de la misma en caso de peligro.

Ejemplos típicos son las células fotoeléctricas, los dispositivos apartacuerpos, etc.

Funcionan independientemente del operador de la máquina, han de funcionar a pesar del hombre e incluso contra el hombre para evitar el accidente.

Existen básicamente dos clases de dispositivos automáticos:

a) Los que no permiten el arranque hasta que el hombre se ha retirado de la zona de peligro (células fotoeléctricas, disyuntores de barrera, etc.)

b) Los que apartan al hombre de la zona de peligro cuando la máquina se pone en marcha, e impiden su acercamiento al final del ciclo (generalmente llamados apartacuerpos automáticos: dispositivos de barrido, retiramanos por tiro hacia atrás, etc.)

Están accionados mecánicamente por los propios órganos de la máquina que protegen.

Nos son muy recomendables, pues si el diseño y construcción no son correctos suelen introducir nuevos riesgos de golpes y atropamientos.

Resguardos móviles

Resguardos móviles

  • Consiste generalmente, en un resguardo fijo de base, y una parte móvil, en la zona de operación, que permite el acceso cuando la máquina está parada (o en posición de seguridad) y que cierra la zona cuando la máquina inicia la fase peligrosa.
  • De esta forma permite la alimentación de piezas que no sería factible con resguardo fijo.
  • La parte móvil, normalmente se acciona a mano.
  • Debe estar dotada de un sistema de interconexión cuyo circuito de mando o sistema de bloqueo (ya sea eléctrico, mecánico o combinación de ambos) impida el funcionamiento de la máquina cuando el resguardo no esté en su lugar y por consiguiente la zona peligrosa resulte accesible. Durante el funcionamiento de la máquina no debe poder abrirse el resguardo.
  • Es un sistema muy utilizado como protección de la zona de operación, por ejemplo en las prensas de inyección de plásticos prensas mecánicas, centrifugadoras, etc.

Resguardos fijos

Resguardos fijos

  • Esencialmente consisten en un cerramiento total y permanente de las zonas peligrosas. La obligada ventana de alimentación no debe permitir la fácil entrada en la zona peligrosa, por lo que dicha ventana será de reducidas dimensiones.
  • Es el tipo ideal de prevención por su elevada garantía de seguridad.
  • Su inmovilidad la hace inaplicable en muchos casos, especialmente en la zona de operación por el problema de alimentación de la máquina. Es en cambio muy adecuado y casi siempre factible para la protección de los sistemas de transmisión.
  • No debe poder ser retirado más que por el personal especialmente autorizado para determinadas labores de mantenimiento que lo hagan necesario. La máquina no debe poder funcionar en estas condiciones.
  • Este sistema puede presentar una variante, consistente en que el resguardo sea de dimensiones ajustables, dentro de límites relativamente pequeños. De esta forma puede usarse como protector del punto de operación, para trabajos similares, ajustando la abertura o la distancia de acuerdo con las necesidades del trabajo. El límite de ajuste debe ser establecido y aún en la posición de máxima abertura ofrecerán una protección suficiente.

Tipos básicos de protectores contra riesgo mecánico

Tipos básicos de protectores contra riesgo mecánico

Los problemas de protección que se presentan en las máquinas, ya sea en la zona de operación o en los sistemas de transmisión son muy variados y requieren diferentes soluciones. De esta variedad de necesidades han surgido gran número de tipos y modelos de protecciones.

Atendiendo a sus características constructivas, se pueden clasificar, simplemente en:

  • Resguardos propiamente dichos
  • Dispositivos de seguridad

Resguardos propiamente dichos

Aislan del riesgo y de manera positiva, es decir por cerramiento de los elementos peligrosos. Se pueden subdividir a efectos de estudio en:

  • Resguardos fijos
  • Resguardos móviles

Dispositivos de seguridad

No son resguardos propiamente dichos, pero los sustituyen a veces.

Se los define como elementos que, situados en la máquina o agente, constituyen una protección indirecta, pero sin aislar positivamente de los elementos o puntos peligrosos.

Entre este tipo de dispositivos se destacan:

  • Dispositivos de seguridad automáticos.
  • Mandos de seguridad
  • Alimentadores automáticos

Ejemplo de cálculo del índice de gravedad de accidentes II

Ejemplo de cálculo del índice de gravedad de accidentes II


En una industria de 500 trabajadores con jornada de trabajo de 8 horas, se produjeron en un mes 25 accidentes, según el siguiente detalle:

En el siguiente cuadro se detalla información acerca de:

· Número de accidentes

· Tipo de incapacidad (Permanente, parcial o total)

· Días perdidos (De acuerdo a una tabla de días-cargo)

No. accidentes


Días perdidos





Permanente parcial



Permanente total




Cálculo de las horas – hombre por día:

El número de horas – hombre por día será igual a:

500 trabajadores * 8 horas de trabajo = 4000 horas hombre por día.

Cálculo de las horas – hombre por mes:

El número de horas – hombre mes será igual a:

4000 horas hombre por día * 25 días de trabajo = 100000 horas hombre al mes.

Cálculo del índice de gravedad:

El índice de gravedad se calculará de la siguiente manera:

IG = (6500 * 1000000) / 100000 =65000

Lo que quiere decir que por cada 1000000 de horas trabajadas se perdieron 65000 días de trabajo.

El índice de gravedad de este ejemplo es alto debido a la evaluación de la incapacidad permanente total y su equivalencia en días perdidos.